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How You Can Help?

Fund a Preschool

The new preschool building will be located next to the Betty Roberts K-12 Education Centre, replacing the temporary building made of iron sheets. It will also provide daycare facilities.


The plans have been drawn…we just need the funds!

Help us reach our goal.

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Sponsor a Student

It costs $600 per year (or $50 a month) to give a child room, board, tuition, uniforms, books, and supplies.

Your gift of education—to someone who might not have had the opportunity to go to school at all—will have a life-long impact upon the student and their family.

Contact our sponsorship coordinator, Beth Cobb at: 

or click the donate button below.

Please join us in helping more children reach their full potential.

Feed Children in the Slum

A gift of $50 will feed 20 children six days a week for one month in our Squatters Hill slum preschool.

Give a month of lunches (or more) to children who really need it!

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Save Lives


Any amount donated to Wesley Mission Hospital will make a difference through life-saving medications, immunizations, pre- and ante-natal care, and child wellness programs.

Affordable healthcare is vital!

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