Kenya Partners programs and the coronovirus

Lockdowns and curfews, dwindling food supplies, mandatory masks, and all but essential businesses closed–this is Kenya in the time of the coronavirus.  

Feeding program at Squatters Hill

Some staff members are living on campus to provide the critical "family" environment that the children need.

But even faced with challenges like these, our dedicated staff members continue their work. Their love of the children drives them all to go the extra mile. 


Although schools have been closed throughout the country, Kenya Partners has been able to get permission to keep the big school (the Betty Mavity Roberts Education Centre) open for students with no safe place to go.

Keeping busy at the school

They maintain sanitary precautions, prepare food, and keep the students engaged through both learning and physical activities.

Others commute daily to perform all the necessary tasks to keep the place running–such as pumping water from our well and working on the school farm. 

Our Squatters Hill Nursery School students and community members of all ages are benefiting from the nutritious lunches we are serving again.


When the government closed all the schools, we were forced to stop for a two-week period, but Sam Mwaura (one of our key employees) managed to complete all the necessary paperwork and we are now back to feeding all these hungry children.

Wesley Mission Hospital is feeling the strain as well. Many patients lack the funds to pay even the small amounts usually charged. But no sick patient is turned away - that is our policy.

Feeding program at Squatters Hill

Wellness clinic at Wesley

Many of you have generously donated to help us "Bridge the Gap" after seeing our email updates.

Thank you for your support!


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