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Our Mission

Empowering a new generation of Kenyans to end poverty and hunger through education and healthcare.

Our Programs


Kenya Partners’ programs include a small hospital, a boarding school for children grades K-12, and three preschools, one in the Squatters Hill slum, one close to the hospital, and the third on the boarding school campus.

All preschools have feeding programs for their students, and the staff at Squatters Hill also provides a nutritious lunch to other children in the slum.

Kenya Partners provides resources and opportunities to break the cycle of poverty and disease.

Give a gift that will change a life!

Why Kenya?


Kenya is a beautiful country...the land rises from the clear blue water of the Indian ocean to the mountains and plateaus of the high country. There are more than 60 languages spoken and over 40 ethnic groups. Music and storytelling are important parts of the culture, which have been used to pass down history and beliefs through many generations. Kenya’s vast array of wildlife can be found throughout the country in many parks and reserves. The people are welcoming and friendly.


Yet Kenya is also a country ravaged by extreme poverty, conflict, and HIV/AIDS. Many people can barely find enough to eat and medicine is a luxury. Mothers frequently die in childbirth and children often die of malaria and ordinary childhood illnesses. Orphans and vulnerable children have no opportunity for education.

Kenya Partners is based in the Nakuru area, just a few hours north of the capital of Nairobi, where we partner with the local community to address these issues.

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